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Better Population Health Management

Effective management of population health is becoming increasingly important in the value-based environment that healthcare organizations find themselves in today. Population health management services from Centric Healthcare Services help organizations reduce costs, increase patient satisfaction, and close gaps in care. With our assistance, you will be able to identify, measure, and select the right strategies for the right populations and provide better and more affordable care.

Our expertise will be your best asset during the implementation of a Population health management strategy. We have a proven ability to conduct accurate assessments and manage small- or large-scale reform programs. Using best practices and the most advanced tools, we will guide you through any operational or technological challenges that stand in your way. Together, we will enhance your engagement with patients, create valuable community partnerships that integrate with care, and improve the overall coordination of your operations.    

Centric Healthcare Services’ population health management process includes the following and more:

  • Identifying organizational populations and priorities
  • Selecting tools for population management
  • Creating realistic performance benchmarks
  • Developing a governance structure that boosts accountability and inspires change
  • Coordinating care programs and patient engagement
  • Implementing mobile health technology
  • Integrating community partnerships