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Project Management Consulting

Prior to initial construction, Centric Healthcare Services will work with the architect and construction manager to assure that the project proceeds efficiently and reaches pre-arranged construction timetables. Centric Healthcare Services will develop a Detail Room Program in order to work with the architects to assure each room is appropriately equipped with medical gases, electrical needs and other room necessities for both clinical and diagnostic areas.

Centric Healthcare Services will review the list of clinical equipment, supplies and furniture necessary to open the hospital, approved by the Board of Directors and work with the appropriate suppliers to ensure the right equipment is purchased at the right price, delivered on time and installed properly. Additionally, Centric Healthcare Services will revise and evaluate the leasing or purchase of the software and hardware compatible for the Project. Centric Healthcare Services will work with the equipment suppliers to assure operators receive appropriate training and instruction on the equipment’s operation and capabilities.

Centric Healthcare Services will develop the Bylaws for the Board and Medical Staff and the entire governance structure will conform to international accreditation standards requiring the necessary systems that can be audited and are transparent in all transactions. In addition, Centric Healthcare Services establishes the appropriate General Hospital Organization establishing the hierarchy of control.

Centric Healthcare Services will develop the appropriate method to procure hospital equipment, supplies, medications, and operational necessities. This procurement process will include the necessary system to maintain appropriate checks and balances in the system to address and minimize waste and fraud. Centric Healthcare Services is involved in the selection of the Health Information System and will oversee its subsequent implementation.

Project Management Consulting

  • Design and Development
  • Hospital Equipment Planning
  • HIS Selection and Implementation
  • Methods of Procurement
  • Establish Governance Structure